The First Unicycle Gear Storage System

It all started with 2 blue bags.

In 2013, Cary Gray began a unicycle trip that would take him through 31 states and 11 countries over 5 years. Before him, there was no organized system for unicycle gear storage. Now, after over a decade of field testing and streamlining, the steel fender and unicycle gear bags are available to the public.


Rigid Steel Gear Rack

These rigid steel fenders are welded one at a time for strength and durability. These are used to hold the gear bags steady, and to attach the mudguard and any other bags you might want to add. Steel wheel hoops are shaped from 1/4″ steel rod with extra space for wheel wobble, and sized for withstanding impacts. The seat post clamp fits Oracle and KH (custom order for other frames), and wrenches tight to avoid fender twist during riding. (The aluminum mudguard is included when you order the gear rack.)

Removable Aluminum Mudguard

The aluminum mudguard forms the platform for the bags and keeps them dry. Because unplanned dismounts are common in unicycling, the aluminum guard is replaceable and is rimmed with tape chafe guard, also replaceable when worn. (The mudguard is included when you order the gear rack.)

Touring Gear Bag Set

The original design of the bags Gray designed for his cross-continental unicycle ride, streamlined for future 36er riders. The bags are made from heavy-duty UV- and water-resistant 100% polyester. High-strength sports zippers with rainflaps that velcro down for protection from chafing. Bags also include two hard-sides, which line the inside of the front bag for cinching the front bag tight between the legs. Sewn-in loops allow you to attach additional bags on front and back.


Take Your Unicycle on the Road

70 Liters

total storage capacity

100 lbs / 45 kg

gear weight capacity


Take the bags off and wash ’em, will ya?


Guaranteed for normal wear, or we’ll repair it!

Why You’ll Love it.

You fill them with gear, you hit the road.

You come back smiling.

You add bags onto the side, you fill the bags with gear, you hit the road.

You fall. You get up. You fall and then decide to rest. You come back smiling nonetheless.

  • Expand your rack system.
  • Ride further.
  • Feel better prepared.
  • Wobble less (eventually.)


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Systems for Unicycles other than 36″

Have a 32″ or 29″ unicycle and want to get on the road? Steel rack and gear bag systems available for smaller unicycles as well. Pricing remains the same. Although they are smaller, we create them with as much love and ingenuity as the 36″ system. Order as if for a 36″ and then use th email contact form to describe your specifications. Allow extra processing time for customization. Ordering system for other sizes will appear in the near future!